About Us

Artisan Made Jewelry Design and Why We Love Doing It

Handmade has become a staple in the jewelry world. Personalized and Customizable are a must and a handmade piece infuses a feeling of uniqueness and individuality. Understanding the special features of quality handmade jewelry can help you appreciate the beauty and investment.

High-Quality Materials

We source our findings from the highest quality of silver manufacturers. Because we’re capturing your memories, we offer a lifetime warranty on all of our designs. Our jewelry is meant to last as long as your memories 

Hands-On Craftsmanship

Every single piece of Nametravels Jewelry is handmade & made to order – meaning you are the designer of your own jewelry! While you may want earrings with pink sand from Bermuda to remember your honeymoon, someone else may want to gift a necklace with sand from a hometown to a graduate about to head off to college. There are so many colors and patterns to be found in our shop. You can get really creative and design your own meaningful jewelry that make your memories really pop!

The Value of Time

As previously mentioned, since there are no machines involved, it takes an incredible amount of time to produce just a single piece of handmade jewelry. As a designer myself, I often spend hours designing a single piece of jewelry for a client. Once the design is complete, it can take up to several weeks to make. That’s a lot of devotion, care, and attention to your piece of jewelry.

Always One of a Kind

When you think about it, handmade pieces are always unique in their own way. No two pieces of handmade jewelry are exactly the same. Even if the handmade creation is part of an edition, you’re not likely to bump into someone wearing the same piece of jewelry as you at a party. You are the only person with that specific piece of jewelry which says a lot. From the finishes to the lines, they are always different or custom. It’s something just for you, every single time.