Our jewelry is crafted to last for many, many years to come. However, normal wear and proper care is required to keep our pieces looking top notch.Every Personalized jewelry is precious and should be treated as such. All jewelry, even the most precious, requires basic care. 

Remove Jewelry During Tasks - When performing tasks where you might potentially be exposed to scratches, chemicals, or cleaning fluids, make sure your jewelry is out of sight. (Remember to remove your jewelry before applying your fragrances!)

Don't Wear Jewelry In Swimming Pools or Bath With It On - Pools contain chlorinated water which can react with the material, causing a change of color. Water and soap itself can cause the same effect when the jewelry is constantly exposed to these conditions.

Contact Sports and Jewelry Don't Mix - Hard hits can result in damage to the jewelry, especially the clasp of the chain if hit directly. Most importantly, jewelry can cause injury to other players, please remove your jewelry prior to playing.

Inspect Your Jewelry and Wipe When Necessary - We recommend for your jewelry to be inspected and wiped down with a clean microfiber cloth whenever signs of dirt/fingerprints build up on it. Not only does this keep your jewelry clean for a longer lifetime, but it also keeps it shining and looking great.

Store Your Jewelry, Keep Them Dry - Your jewelry should be kept absolutely dry, preferably in the provided dust bag provided when it is not being worn.




  14kt Gold-Plated

Your gold-plated jewelry is finished with a thick layer of gold over nickel-free brass. Even though it shouldn't wear down or rub off over time, your jewelry would love to be treated with care! When wearing your gold-plated rings, take them off if you plan on doing any hard or rough work to avoid scraping the gold layer off of the ring (same goes for your earrings or bracelets!). Gold plated pieces that are well cared for won't tarnish over time and you can enjoy wearing them for years and years, maybe even pass them down in your family! 

  Sterling Silver

As a natural reaction to air and water, sterling silver can tarnish over time. To try and prevent tarnishing, I recommend that while you're not wearing your jewelry store it in a box or ziplock bag. Keep it in a dry spot and avoid damp or humid places, like your bathroom! To polish your Twyla Dill jewelry, use the polishing cloth provided and be careful to not rub over the lace. Polish until the shine has been restored, your jewelry will thank you! 

  Nickel-Free Brass

I don’t use nickel in the studio ever, so you can be confident in knowing that your sensitive skin will remain as happy as you while wearing your jewelry! To care for your nickel-free brass jewelry, just copy and paste from the sterling silver section. Simple as that!