Shopping for jewelry online is the best way to find exactly what you are looking for, and will likely get you the best price. However, there’s a catch with online shopping for almost anything -- finding the right size. You definitely don’t want to end up with the wrong size ring on an important day. Keep reading to learn more about choosing the right size when shopping for jewelry online.

Before diving into your search, it’s always crucial to have a clear understanding of how you want your piece to fit. Even if you know your size, you made need to size up or down if the piece was designed to be worn differently. As long as you know what’s most important to you, then you will know what details to look for when shopping online.



Our shortest chain is 14” which, for most women, will sit slightly above the collarbone. Like you pendant to dangle a bit more? Go for our longest chain of 32” which will hang around mid-ribcage, or choose any length in between.

Helpful Tip: If you’re buying this gift for your mother, think about how her necklaces usually hang around her neck and check out the picture above.

length. Grab a piece of string and loop it around your neck, creating the length you like best. Then, just measure the piece of string from one end to the other and there you have it!

Just remember that the chain length you measured doesn’t include the pendant. The majority of our pendants are between 0.75”-2” (or 2-5 cm) so your necklace will actually be that much longer than the chain. You can check the exact measurement of your pendant by looking at the product description and clicking on the Size & Material tab.

Here’s an example: If you choose an 18” chain, your necklace including the pendant will be between 18.75”- 20” depending on the exact style of the pendant you choose.

Wearer with
Average Neck Size
(in inches)
Babies 14
Youth 16
Adult Women 18
Adult Men 24



 Necklaces and chains are available in different lengths and styles. You should choose the length and style of the necklace or chain based on neck size, personality and clothing.

Types of Necklaces Based on Length

Necklaces traditionally come in six lengths. Depending on the length, the necklace will hang to a different part of the wearer’s body.


   Length: 12 to 14 Inches Collar necklaces are worn closely around the neck and can consist of multiple strands. This type of necklace looks nice with V-necks, boat necks and off–the–shoulder clothing.


Jewelry Size Guide - Choker Necklace   Length: 14 to 16 Inches A Choker has a very classic as well as a versatile look and falls around the base of the neck. Chokers look beautiful on all types of clothing or neckline.     

Jewelry Size Guide - Princess Necklace Length: 17 to 19 Inches 
The Princess is the most popular necklace length and falls just below the throat. It lies between choker and matinee length. A pendant can also be added for a bold and eye-catching look. Princess necklaces look beautiful on all types of attire.


Jewelry Size Guide - Matinee Necklace  Length: 20 to 24 Inches 

Matinee style also offers one of the most popular necklace lengths and it comes in between princess and opera length. Matinee necklaces look stunning on casual or business attire.


Jewelry Size Guide - Opera Necklace Length: 24 to 30 Inches 

Opera necklaces come in lengths which range from 30 to 36 inches long. You can wear this as a single or double strand. It is perfect for high or crew necklines and is very complimentary, especially to evening wear.

Jewelry Size Guide - Rope Necklace Length: 30 to 34+ Inches              

A Rope necklace comes in the longest length and it has a different and dramatic look. A rope necklace looks elegant on most any type of clothing. This necklace can be transformed into multi-strand necklace and when worn with strands of graduated lengths, it is known as a bib necklace.



The following instructions will help you determine your ring size. To measure your finger you will need the following:

A long and narrow strip of paper
A pen to mark the paper
A ruler Step

  • Wrap the piece of paper around your finger Step
  • Mark the point where the two ends meet Step
  • Measure the paper against a ruler (in inches) Step
  • Find your measurement on the chart below to determine your ring size:


This is a guide only. Your measurement may differ per brand.



This one is the easiest, and much like measuring the sleeves of a dress, this, too, can be done by simply using a measuring tape to loop around your wrist like a watch, and adjust as per the fit and length you’re looking for. Quick and easy, isn’t it? And here’s a pro-tip: while ordering your bracelet, if you’re uncertain about the fit of a piece, like in case of the difference in fit between a bangle and a charm bracelet, always opt for a looser option, as opposed to a tighter one.