Karma and luck - Grounding Force - Hematite Macrame Bracelet - buy now
Grounding Force - Karma and luck - Hematite Macrame Bracelet - buy now
Hematite Macrame Bracelet - evil eye beads - Grounding Force - Karma and luck -  buy now

Grounding Force - Hematite Macrame Bracelet

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Patience serves as a protection against wrongs as clothes do against cold. The bold "Grounding Force - Hematite Macrame Bracelet" serves as the perfect grounding base for a centering trio of sacred symbols: Hamsa Hand, and Evil Eye. On the one hand, the Evil Eye and Hamsa Hand will give you the optimal amount of spiritual shielding. On the other hand, the Hematite is bound to make you remember who you are, what your intrinsic capabilities really are, and how to push their boundaries.

  • Charm: serenity.
  • Hamsa Hand Charm: protection.
  • Evil Eye Charm: deflect negativity.
  • Hematite Stones: calming, grounding, focus, centering. 
  • Antique Bronze Three Tube Charm Beaded Bracelet. 
  • Adjustable Macrame Style Closure.

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