Personalized Photo Projection Necklace-Cross
Personalized Photo Projection Necklace-Cross
Personalized Photo Projection Necklace-Cross
Personalized Photo Projection Necklace-Cross


Personalized Photo Projection Necklace-Cross

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The classic and eternal cross-shaped projection necklace looks holy and stylish. The cross is always believed to possess incredible mysterious powers, symbolizing "salvation", "salvation", "faith", "gospel" and so on. Carve the beautiful moments of your life into the cross, wear it with you or give it to your lover. This exquisite projection necklace will be an excellent addition to all kinds of clothing and occasions.

Customize Your Picture Projection Necklace

Personalized the moment you love most on a projection necklace! Engraved love never fades, and treasured memory will always be with you. You can freely customize anything you like, including people, pets, scenery, and even symbol, and attach text as a souvenir.

In addition to simply filling the projection stone with your chosen photo, we also provide several projection templates. Why not put your picture into the template and say I love you in 100 languages.

Meaningful Accessory & Memorial Gift

This customized projection necklace engraved with your favorite photo will be a perfect accessory for you or a meaningful gift for someone you loved.

We tailor a photo projection necklace for you to cherish or share your good times. It is also an ideal birthday/anniversary/Valentine's Day/Christmas memorial gift for your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, mom, dad, or friend.

Carry your beloved one hidden in your necklace. With a see-through lens, you can see the photo inside the necklace or you can shine a light through it and project the photo on a wall.

Custom made necklace for any occasion.

This is a perfect gift for the beloved one to carry the photo with you everywhere.

Additional information about the product

• Material: High-Quality Stainless Steel

• Finish: Silver, Gold